Driving into class yesterday, my tire decided to blow out while on the highway.  Luckily I was about a mile from campus, so I drove on the rim until I made it there and found a parking space.  After changing the tire I was fifteen minutes late for class, and walked in to be told, “Our projects are due at the end of class today.”


I’d completed the foreground of the piece, but still needed a lot of work on the background.  Unfortunately, with only two hours to work on it this is what I managed to come up with.  Once I get the piece back I’ll continue to work on it.

Overall, this was not my favorite project.  I enjoy zentangle more now than at the beginning, however, and the level of detail and freedom can be very fun and interesting.  Technically, it was a challenge due to the need to balance light and dark patterns, as well as maintain the definition of all the objects.  It reminded me a lot of some of heraldry in that way.  I was also reminded of some of the medieval blackwork patterns that I’ve seen.  Perhaps down the road I can try again with a more interesting subject, and use both of those resources for inspiration.  It also strikes me that this type of work would be fun to draw as a pattern for a friend’s embroidery.