Trump looks like two kids in a suit.  One is the head and the other is operating the hands, and they aren’t in sync whenever he speaks.

Rubio sounds like a high-schooler.

Kasich and Carson sound like technocrats who think they can manage the health care sector.

Good for Cruz for not letting them skip him on the Obamacare question.  And for challenging Trump.

Good for Donald proposing to end the Department of Education.

Trump’s returns are currently sitting on Hillary!’s email server.

Cruz and Rubio are both going after Trump, and he’s taking wild swings.

The buzzer is annoying.  They’re ignoring it.  You’d be better just to give each candidate a total amount of time and let them use it however they want.  After it’s gone, they get thirty seconds to respond and then their mics cut off.

Good attack by Rubio on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Good remark by Carson.  “Can someone attack me, please?”