I bought a Pit Barrel Cooker about a week ago, and this is my second attempt at cooking pork shoulder.  I let it cook to 203 this time, instead of just 160 like the last one.  Unfortunately I went for a walk when it was at 194, expecting it to take longer than it did to reach 203, and when I got back the thermometer read 217.  Even worse, when I opened the lid, the shoulder had pulled off the hooks!  So I pulled it out of the bottom of the cooker, brushed off the ash, and hoped for the best.  It’s going in foil and the fridge, and tomorrow I’ll haul it down to a friend’s house, where it will get heated in the oven along with half a bottle of cider and a can of chipotles.  Pulled pork tacos and beer sounds like a plan for Saturday night!