“Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m an asshole. To anyone who has paid attention in the past twenty years, this should come as no surprise.  You all knew this when I started this campaign. But I didn’t decide to run for President to be a milksop, or a nice guy.  I decided to run because I saw decent hardworking Americans getting screwed by the establishment.  The blue collar workers who see their jobs shipped overseas, the white collar workers who see their replacements shipped in from other countries.  The poor blacks and hispanics whose neighborhoods are overrun with criminals exported by Mexico and South and Central America.  And all those who watched their sons and daughters raise their right hands and swear to support and defend the constitution, only to turn on the TV and watch the world ignite thanks to the incompetence and stupidity of the globalist in power.

I may not be a role model for young women, but I raised two beautiful, intelligent, successful daughters who damn well should be role models, and who are far more deserving of that title than my opponent will ever be.  And I’m not corrupt, while my opponent is. So America, this is your choice. You can choose the vulgar jerk who has built buildings, employed workers, and made New York City a better place, and who knows how to get things done. Or you can vote for a corrupt career politician who, by her own admission, has spent the past thirty years cultivating power by protecting worse men than me. Who has corrupted every institution that she has touched, from the White House Travel Office to the IRS to the FBI. Who left four Americans to die in a foreign city and then lied to you about her responsibility. And who blatantly undermined the very notion of accountability with her private email server. Honest government, or public corruption: that’s your choice America.”