Clinton is the good student who got all A’s and then climbed every rung on the career ladder only to discover, again and again, that it’s not enough.

For 20 years—and a lot more if you go back to her days as an anti-war activist at Wellesley College—she has been working toward the presidency.

Oh man, she just doesn’t get it. This is why Hillary lost. Her entire life has been focused on this one damn goal. She’s like the girl in HS who gets all As, manipulates her way into the Student Council presidency, and sucks up to all the teachers, but looks down on her classmates. No one likes her, or trusts her.

Trump is many things, but we can believe that his decision to run was truly motivated by a love of this country. He doesn’t need to be President to know that he’s a success. He has a billion dollar business and four successful children to prove that. Serving as President is for him a final note on a life well lived. For Hillary, the Presidency was the sum of a life’s ambition. It was everything. And that is terrifying.