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I hate my generation, part 2348556089…

What ever happened to having a few friends over, some cake, and take-out?

When San Francisco-based wellness coach Caroline Jordan turned 31, she wanted to host a big celebration in a nightclub. She wanted to play her favorite music and get sweaty, but she didn’t want to feel pressure to wear heels or drink alcohol.

Instead, she rented out a club called City Nights and hosted a “Birthday Bootycamp.”


Trump’s comments on guns

Trump has a certain style. He throws out a lot of stuff that doesn’t mean much, to see what churns the waters. And he sounds like he’s agreeing to what his opponents want, which seems to lure them into demonstrating that they’re not acting in good faith and just want the wedge issue. See also: DACA. Sure, he want’s a deal on dreamers… just as soon as Congress passes it. Congress, of course, isn’t about to pass any amnesty for dreamers. Hence, Trump can now say, “I was willing to compromise, but they weren’t.”

A quick thought

I never expected Trump to be a conservative.  I voted for him expecting to get a liberal Republican.  I was fine with that, because the alternative was Hillary Clinton, and she scares the shit out of me.  She is a woman who has spent the past forty years making every decision with a singular goal: achieving the Presidency.  Every crooked deal, every time she protected Bill, every dollar that flowed through the slush fund known as the Clinton Foundation was all in service of increasing her power and influence.  That said, I’m very happy with many of Trump’s decisions.  He’s turned out to be a lot more conservative than I, or basically anyone, expected.

Whether that is due to a change of heart over the years, a secret conservatism, a frustration with progressive politics as seen in New York City, or simply a philosophy of “dance with the one that brung ya” almost doesn’t matter.  What matters are the results, and as a conservative they have been very good over the past year.  However, I suspect that a lot of what drives Trump is not conservatism, but an underlying philosophy of nutting up and taking responsibility for your life and your decisions.  That’s why he’s made it clear he’s willing to deal on DACA and the dreamers.  A lot of his decisions have been conservative by default, but I suspect that they’re driven by a desire to force Congress to do its job and take a position on policy.  He’ll be happy to grand some sort of amnesty to dreamers, but only if Congress authorizes it.  He’ll carry out enforcement of regulations only if they are voted into law.  Politicians who want progressive or libertarian policies don’t have the guts to admit it, and Trump is calling them out.


More Mexicans have left the U.S. than have migrated to it in recent years, data show, a reversal of the largest flow of incoming migrants in modern U.S. history and a significant new chapter in the immigration narrative that has long dominated U.S. politics and culture.

Some have returned to reconnect with family or take advantage of new opportunities in Mexico, where a declining birth rate means less competition for jobs. Others have been forced out, either deported, like Tetatzin, or deciding to leave because, in Donald Trump’s America, they felt less welcome.

In any case, the trend has sparked both hope and concern in Mexico. Many view the large numbers coming back as brimming with potential. Many returnees bring home English and other skills learned in the U.S. But others in Mexico are concerned; they fear unwanted competition for jobs, or worry that deportees sent home for committing crimes could worsen the country’s already high levels of violence.

It takes a heart of stone not to laugh.  Of course, it’s not all roses.  When the family in the story moved to Mexico, they took a young girl away from her biological father.

Angela played with one of her schoolmates, Karen, skipping around with a wide smile on her face.

Her parents knew that one day, things would change.

“I’m good here,” Angela would say, even though the phone calls with her birth father, back in Michigan, sometimes hurt. His family, mostly U.S. citizens, didn’t want her living in Mexico, where even if the economy had improved, homicide rates were soaring.


Just because I paid to see the circus…

It doesn’t mean that I want to fuck the clowns.

Alok and Jacob are two of the most publicly visible gender nonconforming femmes I know. As a performance poet, Alok has just gone solo after touring in dozens of cities in the US and abroad as one half of the poetry duo Darkmatter. Jacob was named to 2016’s OUT 100, has made a web series for NBC, and been the subject of a GLAAD-nominated episode of MTV’s True Life. Both are trans-identified, but belong somewhere in between genders, and they’ve amassed huge social media followings as gender nonbinary, femme, and fabulous human beings. They’ve become celebrities in their own right, with Jacob regularly walking down the red carpet at LGBTQ galas and Alok featuring in the Janet Mock–narrated HBO documentary The Trans List.

But if you think all that would land them a date, you’d be wrong. And nobody is more puzzled than me as to why such obvious catches are having dating problems when so many clamor for their attention.

People are plenty supportive of bizarre lifestyles… over there.  Once you have to wake up next to it every morning, you become a lot pickier.  Funny that.

In fairness, there were a lot of people shouting “Oh God!”

A swinger’s club poses as a church.

Two years ago, the TSC was a downtown swinger’s club known for allowing sex between consenting adults. When it announced plans to move to an office park in Madison, neighbors were outraged and both the Metro council and state legislature quickly passed laws directly aimed at preventing the sex club from opening there.

The owners then announced they would instead open a church, open only to members, and promised there would be no sex, where the sex-club’s so-called dungeon room would now be the church’s choir room.

“And what did the inspectors find in the choir room?” NewsChannel 5 Investigates asked.

“They found people engaging in sex,” he replied.

This is silly.  You don’t hold orgies in a church.  That’s what the Masons are for.

He probably figured they’d used up their beating quota…

Sure, now the airlines are suddenly concerned with not assaulting their passengers.


I went to a blacksmithing class on Sunday.  It was a letter opener class, and there were only three of us there, which was nice because it made the class fairly leisurely.  The instructor showed us the basics of the project, and then turned us loose in the forge while she walked around and offered comments and suggestions.  This was the second class that I’ve taken at Adams Forge, and I really enjoy it.  Hopefully I’ll be able to attend a few open forge nights in the near future.

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